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This is mad humor.

The graphics were bland, but hey they were pre-made jpegs.

The style, shit i remember i used to get pissed as shit when i was that kind of battle when i had my pokemon games.

Sound, well best for pokemon of course.

Not much voilence, but splash attacks.

Overall mad nice.

Its pretty cool.

No story line, but hey its MS, i can't even remember why i played that overated mmorpg, the game is clearly made for kids.

I can't say you got much style since its basically pre-made backgrounds and characters that just move their mouths and arms.

The music fit the setting.

Ain't no voilence in this flash, not even the game either.

Like i said, the characters only moved their mouths and arms.

It was perverted-ly funny.

Overall, 8.

Very decent intro.

It got some good special affects.

Plenty of style judging by its creativity.

An 8-bit sound intro would of fit the picture better.

Its an intro, only short pumble scenes.

Plenty of interactivity, lots of frame rate.

Series is funny/action its mad cool.

Overall a 10.

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Lame, a cheap knock off of asteriods.

The graphics were glossy.

The style, i've felt like i played similar games like this before, but better.

The audio fit the game.

Not much voilence.

I could randomly hit the white satanic symbols with just by moving in a fast up and down motion.

-API- this is a very well put game!

Who wouldn't want to play this game! If they say it sucks then they go suck a ****!(=D) Anyways this was overall nice!

Keep it V man!


Well man I can see that you tryed too make it...

look like halo a bit. The graphics weren't the best but they were ok! The audio was a bit cheesy. It got repetative. The guy didn't have a limit on how much he shoot ammo! The voilence was just a bit cheesy to! The guy jumped to dawm high! Well the game it self was not the best! So keep it V man!


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hey i didn't mean to give it a zero.

well im gonna give it a ten now.

its real chill music though, great stuff.

Sup V man.

This is some wicked ass audio man!

Five out of Five.

Ten out of Ten.


This is one sick tune. Quality is superb. Nuff said.

oh well, i've noting much say anymore </3

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