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hey i didn't mean to give it a zero.

well im gonna give it a ten now.

its real chill music though, great stuff.

Sup V man.

This is some wicked ass audio man!

Five out of Five.

Ten out of Ten.


This is one sick tune. Quality is superb. Nuff said.

its a good tune.

A bit overated, but still its a good tune. Nice use of the old instruments. Keeps memories of the past in contact. Overall good tune.

Keep it /\ man.


Your 1st one is #11. This is a good tune though.

Same guy.

Just with my old account. I had to post that one quick cause the other ppl would have been first but i wanted to be first this time. Well it's good...of course its gonna go platinum in 2 or 1 month with all your fans and stuff. Even though KFNX rly should have gotten a platinum to. I bet you if you would have posted the one he did it would have gone 2X platinum in no time.(=D) Since almost everyone on NG freakin loves you! lol! Dawm though they give you so much attention. The other audio authers don't get as much as respect as you do...flash portal everyone gets respect. The audio...well mainly just you.(=C) Dreamscaper left NG which is sad he was cool...well he still is cool just he's not on NG no more. API of great! He has hardcore DnB! Karbon heh! He sounds like a PRO! BOUNC3 of course has the best kick ass trance! HouseMasta very great at remixing VG audio! Chainsaw_09 very great in industrial music! WinterWind his classical is just magnificent! MaestroSorrow dawm so does he have great ass classical! DjRunaway has some Viewtiful Dance music! X-Digital WHOA his techno is so alive! Dimrain47 of course has some fast ass techno! There are plenty of good artists on NG, but your just the main one no one can forget. Oh well...enough of my retarded mouth!(XC)

Keep it V!

WOW man...

I haven't nothing like this before very...different I love the dark feeling to it! The drums EH not so much. But overall it was cool!

Keep it V man!


Eh...well nice remix ...but gets very...

Boring after listening to all the other RMX's. But of course you can ALWAYS accept another one! (=D) This was ok...but the synth wasn't. The background atmosphere was cool. Her voice of cousre V as hell. The rythim of the beat wasn't all that good. It was more like a raggae beat. I get tired of listening to that. It get repetative. Plus the song was very short not much in variety. But oh well good job V dude! Of you don't know WHO THE FUCK I AM! Who cares though!

Keep it V man!


Dj-SilenT-HunteR responds:

Yoo V ^^
thx for your review!
Yes, i know who you are!
Im in a hurry now, my mother is screaming and i must go now, but thx for review :)

Well man this is cool!

It was very intersting...it's like watching a SCI-FI show! (XD) lol! Well man it was V dude!

Keep it V man!


MuSic-Creater responds:

yea cool sci? i dont wacvht movie or tv that mucht now since i got into fl a lot thease days oh well ..
i dont nkow if i gona citinu or not cuse now i just came up with a better song! laters dude keep it V!

Well man!

This owns! It's cuts off at the end but thats no big cause this rules man! Sry man I got to make this short but this is a real tight ass song dude! Cause this is some V ass shit!

Keep it V man!


Draze responds:

Hehe, thx for the review dude. I really appreciate it :]

Keep it X man!

~ X-Digital

oh well, i've noting much say anymore </3

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